Feb 25, 2009

晚上洗頭會頭風Washing Hair During Night Time or too often should be avoided?



I can still remember clearly that my grandmother always said, wash hair several times a day or wash your hair during night time will lead to the blowing of outside wind going inside to your head! Afterward, you will always feel your head become heavily, dizziness, migraine headaches, as well as other problems. So far, I do not take this advice seriously at all. Think it totally unfounded and it should not be trusted.

Over the years, the times for me to wash my hair are equal to the times of my bath. Every morning after up from sleep, as well as every night when back to home, I will just bath and wash my hair.  

Recently, my migraine headache problem become more and more frequently. Sometime in the morning, even need to sit in bed for a while before standing up. Otherwise, there will be a sudden sense of halo spin. Do all of these proof that what my grandmother told me is all real? My head full with outside wind now? Grandmother passed away many years ago, and perhaps this is the way for me to remember her always. lol  

Anyway, I really want to know washing hair too often or during night time will really bring in outside wind into my head? Do I really need to avoid  it? This is really hard for people like me who tend to set hair every time stepping out.