Oct 31, 2012

Titanic: Blood and Steel Episode 3: Good Man Down

Titanic: Blood and Steel is a 12 episodes drama series that had been produced by De Angelis Group with $30 million budget. The drama series had been premièred in Denmark and Germany on April 15, 2012, in Italy on April 22, 2012, and by CBC on September 19, 2012. 

In the “episode 3: Good Man Down”, there was a scene in which union conducted peaceful march to demand fair pays.

During the day, workers had been gathered peacefully and planed to walk to their destination. But the army locked down the street and stop workers on the street. the union leader shouted to the army that it was a peaceful march and they have the rights and freedom to do so! The army responded by shooting down innocent men without much explanation and warning given. Yet, the peaceful march had been turned violent.

The media at the time had been controlled by those who were in power and rich. They sabotage the march as a march with motive and organised by the Catholic to de-stable the society as a whole.

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Those who were in power and rich during that time are Protestant. They had successfully to create hatred within general public by dividing them with their religions. Sabotages the peaceful march and wronged the peaceful march which demand fair pay for every workers (Including both Catholic and Protestant workers). Yet told the society with their controlled media that the peaceful march was organised by Catholic just for the motive to de-stable the society or even wish to take the power out of Protestant hand.

Sadly the society believed. And the fighting remains within the Catholic and Protestant lower level workers for nothing, but only hates. Their pays remain at unfair rate. And those who are in power and rich were stayed comfortable, as what they need to do is just to keep dividing the society with their differences in religions.

Well, that happened more than 100 years ago within the Ireland society...

As for now? Look at our society and think about it.. 

Are we demonstrating the history of Northern Ireland society more than a century ago?  :)))))

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