Mar 1, 2007

Gay Relationships

Why I think that gay relationship will never last?

Personally I really feel that ‘love’ itself is not enough to maintain a relationship. Whenever we meet someone and we love each other, it should at first come with ‘passion’ and ‘love’, and both of the ‘passion’ and ‘love’ create a relationship within the particular couple.

Sure ‘love’ is always there and will be with us no matter we are still calling each other as ‘dear’ or the relation had already became a past tense.  But, ‘passion’ is what will keep reducing or even disappear when both of the couple being closer and longer in time with one another.  As the conclusion, once the ‘passion’ is gone, the particular homosexual relation will become a history for both of the couple as well.

Unlike heterosexual relationship, a couple will normally marriage each other before the ‘passion’ within the relationship gone. After getting married, ‘responsibility’ will replace ‘passion’ and keep the relationship last, together with ‘love’.  

Perhaps some might say that there are some places around this world where gay marriage is allowed. So, if you can get yourself there, yet I will wish you the very best.

No matter how, I still feel that involving in gay relationship will be suffering at the end. It is hard to maintain a normal relationship, and it is hardly to maintain a relationship which is not acceptable by the majority.

Anyway, everyone should be given the rights to choose their love behaviour. This is the basic human rights that we should respect.  


  1. Hmmm.. it's true of wad u said, but then it's the only choice of the relationship PLU can have. And of course, some of them will try very hard to maintain it, knowing that PLU relationship can be quite fragile.

  2. Well, I understand very much that love is something really hard to be explained or controlled. Just, wish to advise those who tend to begin their plu life. Think carefully, because it is really hard. As for general public, please do not discriminate them too much, as mostly of them are suffering always.

  3. i think if have a group of plu friends, i think group support is important too... but generally among the youngsters, i dont see much discrimination so far.

  4. Laws discrimination, religions discrimination, social discrimination, society discrimination bla bla bla… Well, it is a tough issue and its hardly to be resolved within Asia cultures and societies.