May 4, 2009

Money Is The Real Devil Script -section 2-

~Song 2

Narrator: Honore is running back home with La Rapet. After stepped in the room , La Rapet started to inspect mother Bontemps current situation.

[Honore is running in along with La Rapet. 
Honore is standing beside the right leg of mother Bontemps.
La Rapet moving toward mother Bontemps chest, holding mother Bontemps' Hands. Head down toward head of mother Bontemps .Head slowly moving toward mother Bontemps' heart. Standing back up and faces Honore.]

La Rapet: I will take care of your mum for 30 bucks by day and 20 bucks by night.

Honore: (fingers up to count with mouth mumbling silently) That will mean (stops for second ,continue with a louder voice) 50 bucks daily? ( Eyes bigger. Moving toward La Rapet and continues in rapid tones) I don't think that your services are worth so much pay.

La Rapet:( Face turning fierce to show her determination in holding her rates) If you are richer I would definitely charge you 80 bucks daily. You Know?

Honore: (both hands crossed on this chest) How about a fixed rate? The doctor told me that my mum will not stay longer than 3 days. Yet I will pay you 150 bucks for everything!

[La Rapet's eyes toward Honore.Turning eyes' sign on mother Bontemps.Turning back and look at Honore. Right hand's finger placing on the bottom of her right side mouth to show her consideration]

La Rapet: (Replies with slow motion) O... K....

Honore: (rushing and interferes La Rapet) For everything. Includes her corpse is taken out and properly cleaning my house.

La Rapet: (looking toward Honore silently... moving head down slowly and back up slowly ) O..K...Deal.. I will take care of your mum for 150 bucks.

Honore: (rising voice) And.. start now!

La Rapet: ( Face turning no emotion and slowly responds with a gradually loud voice) O...( eyes open bigger) K...( both hand placing on mother Bontemps' bed heavily and shake the bed to show anger) Begins now...(head up toward Honore) I will!

Honore: (Smiling without showing teeths) Fine! And I am living to collect my wheat and send it to the town for selling! I will be back in about (stops second, continue with rising voice) 3 to 4 days time.

[Honore is moving toward the door. Honore stops his steps and turning back toward mother Bontemps and yet looking toward La Rapet.]

Honore: (determinaed attitude watching toward La Rapet) Please make sure that you will have your job done properly. (Hand up with finger pointed toward La Rapet) Including managing her corpse!

[La Rapet looks at Honore with fierce eyes.Respoding with moving her head up and down slowly to show confirmation and promosing to Honore. 
Honore left.]

Narrator: Honore leaving his mother alone with La Rapet and going out to collect his wheat as well as send it to the town for selling.

[La Rapet moves toward mother Bontemps. Hands touching mother bontemps with face turning angry and frightening.]

La Rapet: (looks at mother Bontemps with a faint smile... starts mumbling toward mother Bontemps) You know? Devil is coming.. Coming for you... Coming to take you...

[La Rapet walking and changing her position from mother Bontemps' legs side to mother Bontemps' head side]

La Rapet: (Begins mumbling again with faint smile) Can you heard that? The footsteps? the footsteps of devils! (