May 5, 2009

How to appeal for change in foundation to beta offer in Multimedia University MMU

Quick reference in how to appeal your foundation to beta offer in Multimedia University MMU

This guideline should serve only the MMU Melaka campus students.

Step 1:
Write an appealing letter:
-    Provide your offered course and campus as stated in the

- Provide your desire course and campus
- Provide your reason to support your will, your reason must be supportive and convincing enough.
- Do Not end your letter with just written down your wish to change for a course or campus, but never telling the admin why they should allow you to change.
- Please provide your contact number in the letter as well.

Step 2:
Documents preparation:
You should attach the below documents together with your appealing letter.
(The documents listed below are a must for you to attach, in order for your appeal letter to be processed.)

-         Print out of the Foundation to Beta (Provisional  Offer) letter
-         Certified truth copy of SPM result slips
-         Certified truth copy of your 1st and 2nd trimesters result slips

Submit your appealing letter (together with the documents) to the Administration Unit ASAP.