Jan 7, 2009

Sasa face mask promotion Sasa面膜促銷

Sasa Malaysia is now having the promotion for their company’s brand face mask. Each pack of mask (consists of 3pc masks) is being sold on RM19/pack. But once you purchased 1st pack, 2nd pack will cost you RM1 only. Just pay RM20 and you can get yourself with 2 packs of either same or difference functioning Mask, or a total of 6 pc of masks. There are with 5 difference function of mask serving difference age stages from youngsters to seniors. 

Sasa Malaysia 現在正為其公司品牌面膜進行促銷活動。第一包面膜(內附3片面膜)的售價是19令吉。凡購買一包﹐就能再付1令吉以取得第2包面膜。也就是說﹐只要支付20令吉﹐就能將2包面膜(共6片)帶回家。其品牌共有5種面膜供選擇﹐適合各個年齡層。

2 of them which I think is more suitable for youngsters are :



1)       GREEN TEA  ANTI-OXIDANT face mask 綠茶抗氧化面膜

        Green tea extract contains antioxidant properties which protect skin from          free radicals. It also enhances detoxification and cell activation for a clearer      and more luminous complexion.

          綠茶 含抗氧化應子﹐能對抗外界環境對肌膚造成的傷害﹐發揮淨化作用﹐並同時淨化      白﹐修復梏黃肌膚。


2)       ROSE REJUVENATING face mask 玫瑰更新面膜

        Rose extract contains whitening,moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties         which wnhances deep repairing and cell regeneration. It promotes skin             radiance, prevents pre-mature aging while insuring perfectly hydrated skin.

         玫瑰花精華漂白﹐保濕和抗氧化﹐深層修復疲倦黯沉肌膚﹐促進肌膚細胞活躍﹐防老       化﹐令肌膚晶瑩嬌滑。

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