Jan 8, 2009

Ayer Panas Gadek , Alor Gajah , Melaka - A good place to relax. - PS: Dun eat and drink in that Indian shop !

I had spent a long day + long night with my buddies in our celebration of ‘final freedom’ hehe!


Jan 7th, 2008


11:30am – 

Gathering of all.


12:40am – 

Eating in MP, Malacca.


1:30 pm – 

Reach GoGo, Jetty.

Again I need no to pay at all!

Jiok Paiseh -.-"


6:30 pm – 

left GoGo, Jetty, toward MP’s food court and all together with rice with chicken dish – so call “ Chicken Rice” lol.


7:10 pm – 

Begin with window shopping and buying picnic’s foods, drinks as well as other staffs.


8:30 pm – 

Reached Pantai Puteri, Malacca and start our picnic, volleyball matches, monkey catch ball game, littering and ended with final cleaning lol..


Jan 8th, 2008



Left Pantai Puteri and ended our 1st picnic gathering. 

Toward another destination- Ayer Panas Gadek, Alor Gajah, Malacca.


2.10 am- 

Found Ayer Panas Gadek finally after went in PLUS and out PLUS , as well as go through many dunno wat roads, due to we were missed the correct way to reach there. None of us know exactly how to go to that Ayer Panas actually. But, still we just wan to get ourselves there lol.


We had paid RM4/person to enter the Ayer Panas

It seem that only us were the only Chinese who still visiting there during that time.


We were started with smallest pool. It look nothing special until you have your foots went inside the pool, and you will 1st responded with “Ouches!”. After spent nearly half an hour (approximately only), still I am unable to have my whole body went inside the pool. Whenever the hot water touched my ‘ private part’ and butt, definitely my body will responding with a quickly jump upward. =.= . 

Really dunno how May, kinki  and lai managed to make themselves inside the same pool. Perhaps the determination for them to burn up body fat is really strong. Stronger than their ‘skin burn’. Lol


I had finally gave up, and started to questioned are the bigger pools have lower hot level? We were moved to bigger pool and I can have my whole body inside the pool finally. The feeling is good ,but after sometime you will have a dizzying feel over your head. I was wondered is that because of I am sick? But the rest of us have the same feel as well. In fact all of us were actually sick except May. -.- We spent our time relaxing and snapping over there.


4:50 am- 

Went bath in the Ayer Panas Gadek and left there.


5:30 am- 

Reach Indian eating shop beside U-Center. Placed our orders and waiting for foods to come. During that time, We were seeing something, which make my responded with “yucks! Sucks!” ,and some of us (especially LTeng) were luffing huge. 

The chef used his knife to ‘chop’ a mop to fit the mop on a handle, and use the same knife again to ‘chop’ our chicken, bawang, bla bla bla thing… WITHOUT washing the knife at 1st before preparing our orders. WTH is that? 

I dare no to eat after my ‘Nasi Goreng Ayam Tak Mau Pedas’ been served. 

Trust me I will never visit the same shop again. Never!