Jan 1, 2009

Longest Record New year celebration in my life

I and my group of buddies were celebration the new year of 2009 ultimately. The whole New Year Celebration journey last approximately 28hours continuously. LoL. The celebrations schedules as well as happening are as below:

2008 Dec 31st 


Departed to Dataran Merdeka, Melacca.


Watched movie together in GSC, Dataran Merdeka,

                     *Movie: Bedtime Stories (personally watched this movie for the 2nd times.-.-)


Planning to grab the discount from Baskin Robin, as well as eat Pizza in MP,  Melacca.

*No pizza eat, cause shop closing -.-

*No buy ice cream, cause too many ppl in Baskin Robin. -.-

                         10:00pm :

 Went to Newton for dinner.


Toward to JStreet for countdown.


Reached JStreet, and started window shopping on whole street’s stall.


Reached main stage in JStreet, and start countdown activities. 

Really playing wild during that time lol.



2009 Jan 1st  

1: 20am

Decided to leave JStreet and planned toward pub.

                        2:30am : 

Decided to find a place for eating, after noticed that pub closing.

2:40am : 

Settled down at Indian stall at Melaka Raya.

                 * Had my nasi goreng ayam tak mau pedas . hehe ( but the orders of my friends seem being ignored as they are really busy)


3:20am : 

Decided to switch place for eating, as the Indian stall servants keep ignored us.

*Switched to eat fish-ball noodle.

*Ordered myself Dry fish-ball noodle for my 2nd round eating… hehe..

                        4:15am :

 Toward Pantai Puteri, Malacca.

                        8:10am :

 Left Pantai Puteri and went to Bukit Beruang for Dim Sam.


Don’t know why majority seem to be very energetic, and  decided to continue celebration in GoGo KTV, jeti Malacca.


Reached GoGO KTV, but they were still closing.


Entered GoGo KTV, and be their 1
st group of customer in Year 2009.

*GoGo KTV’s boss promised to give us 1 hour free seen we had became the 1st group of customer in year 2009 for them.


Left GoGo and let traffic police caught as all back seats’  belt were not in used.  


Back for bathing.


Went to Batu Berendam and had 4 dishes dinner.


Ended 2009 New Year’s Celebration officially.