Jan 2, 2009

Will you mind to keep living with HIV/AIDS person?

Sure. I know what to do to prevent infection.
Ok. But still we wont be too close to each other.
No. I am totally scared on them.
Not sure

The above poll was conducted during the whole month of Dec,2008. And the result shown that about 55% had chosen to show that they are totally scared on AIDS/HIV persons, and aren’t willing to keep living with them.


The outcome has shown the lack of public basic knowledge about AIDS and HIV. Personally, I really feel that we need to conduct more public educational programs to eliminate the discrimination on AIDS/HIV. Also I really think that government should only encourage public to take HIV test, but not make this test as a compulsory step for all couple moves toward their marriage. It is all about the respect on basic human right as well as personal privacy.

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