Jan 22, 2009

Horse in 2009

A good star appears. A definitely better year portrayed than the previous one. There are a mix of bad stars in the midst of the good ones. Thus, one should mull over matters thrice before making a move. Proceed gradually and never be hasty and impetuous. Be mindful of your health as well as that of your dearest ones. A year of smooth and bullish career and academic luck. There is improvement in relationship with business clients or colleagues. There is also investment gains and property luck. Cut down on smoking and alcohol. Immoral lust can lead you to your doom. Take heed. Career Even though lucky stars gather together, evil stars are lurking about too. Thus, there are impediments and vile persons causing troubles now and then. When undertaking projects, proceed with adequate planning and good pace. Fortunately, eminent aid is present in business deals and career paths. A good year of academic performance for students too. Never be haughty. Always be modest and humble. Fulfill your duty at work diligently. Love A very colourful year of romance. Many sparks occur during social networking sessions. However, attached couples have to caution against intrusion of third parties. Control your lust and treat all affection with a sense of morality and sensibility. Wealth There is improvement in wealth luck. You will not have any financial crisis if you can manage your finances prudently. Caution against loss of wealth due to sexual traps. Do not delegate finance matters to others. Check your accounts regularly and thoroughly.Too much focus on business networking session cause a toll on your health. Drink and smoke at lesser quantity. Control your sexual cravings too. Have adequate rest amid the busy schedule. Treat minor illness at the early stages. Have prevention against the common cold.
Source:Geomancy Hut

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