Jan 22, 2009

Snake in 2009

You face an onslaught of danger stars. Even with the presence of lucky stars, you have to have faith and do more deeds. Never brave the frontline. Shun all mess and gossips. Treat others nicely but treat yourself with the utmost discipline. Develop your moral and spiritual self better. Do not involve in any investments.Students are able to think brightly and do well in their exams if they are diligent and modest to learn more from their tutors. Attempt to improve your relation with others to aid you in your career. Spend your money wisely.A tough and rugged path this year for you. Most endeavours sprout troubles and hindrances. Be strict to the matter at hand but magnanimous to people. Also do not try to take charge as it may not be within your means. There are lots of gossips in the business arena and work place. Think thrice when handling documents and signing contracts. Students are able to excel well. Female Snakes do control your temper.A frequent winner in the love arena. However, you will meet the romance setback this year. Married couples should communicate and show more care for each other. Doing so will create a very blissful and loving marriage. Couples should be sincere and wedding bells will be heard ringing. Singles should proactively seek for their true and claim victory fast.Wealth luck fluctuates greatly. Not a good time to invest heavily. Regular income is stable, so moderate spending is fine. Do not place any hope on lottery. Those born on the 4th Lunar month will encounter great harvest this year, so be ready to net in your successes.
There is possible accidents and bloodshed, so handle sharp objects carefully. If you have any illness, seek treatment immediately. You are also advised to donate blood to reduce your bad luck. Elderly has to be careful of slippery grounds and heart ailments. Youngsters have to avoid dangerous game and activities.
Source:Geomancy Hut

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