Jan 22, 2009

Goat in 2009

A year where the Goat zodiac clashes with Tai Sui. A not so favorable luck for the year. Evil stars also appear to add pressure. A resolving star that is present is not a match for all these evil stars. You have to be on constant alert, and mull over issues thrice before coming to a decision. And caution against vile person plots and gossips. Take good care of your health and well being. DO not take loans or be guarantors for others.You have to be prepared for any sudden events this year. Handle all caution against accidents. Show care and concern to your lover. Career Every undertaking is against your wishes. A time to be on the defensive position. Make prudent decisions when on business or investment grounds. You are advised to treat your colleague, staff and clients with friendliness and kindness to go through this tough period. Never attempt any speculative and quick buck schemes this year. It is also not a good time to partner with others for business opportunities. Scrutinize your contracts well before signing. Handle documents with care. Love Love luck is full of untamed waves of fluctuations. Mood swings and emotional changes are too great. Coupled with vile persons causing sabotage, conflicts with your love ones are bound to occur. But you can resolve it by being more tolerant. Show respect and more affection to your dearest. Wealth
Your wealth luck hits the pit this year. Be prudent with regard to managing your wealth. You cannot afford to be negligent with clients. You may face possible loss of wealth to save your day or in the extreme case, gain extremely large amount of wealth. But you have to curb your gambling activities and do not act as guarantors for others.

Because of the immense level of stress hovering over your shoulder, it is taking a toll on your health. Be cautions against cuts and injuries. Seek treatment immediately if ill. Have preventive measure with regards to your flu, eye or mind health. Avoid water activities when outdoors.
Source:Geomancy Hut

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