Dec 7, 2008

Kickstart Business Plan Overview

Kick Net Studio Cafe (KetS Cafe)

My idea is to implement a new conceptive café, which I name it as “kick Net Studio Café (KetS Cafe)” In my KetS Café, still with various fragrant coffee, drinks, foods, and also wireless online services. Besides, there will have a stage in the café, which complete with a big screen and video live equipment. Finally my KetS Café will have a very own homepage, which will serve as “KetS studio online channel”. Simply saying, KetS Café is not just a place with coffee, drink, food and online services area. It is also a place where all performing, seasoning celebration, investment and educational seminal, debating and dialoguing section in held. We can even welcome 8tv or any TV channel to take KetS Café as their 1st choice of out door event venue. And we have our own online channel which will definitely kick as many online users nearer to us.
Kick Net Studio Cafe (KetS Cafe) facilities: -Stage -Sound system -Lighting system -Projector -Live video cam -Wireless connection -Public area (where no separation) -Private area (separation for private talk, deal or meeting) Transforming services provided to transform the venue into wedding celebration, birthday celebration, seminar, or even a mini concert.
Target Market 1. Local resident nearly all age -this is because we will have many activities, like mini concert, investment and saving seminar, coffee/food introductory seminar, makeup/hairstyle/ fashion talk, and seasoning celebration. 2. World online users via online channel shop.
Please imagine what will be your feeling if you are going to visiting a café, but not just for foods and drinks? At the same time, you are not only being able to online and get your works done; you can as well participate in our on studio activities. We will arrange many activities according to day. So, what do you have to do if just select the particular day (exp participate in investment talk, or simply concert). What say if that day on studio activity not suit for you at all? Do no worries, you dun have to go back? You can simply go to our private area and have your works done there, or even visit our online channel and select those in studio programs which you are interested in but missed. Still you will enjoy by staying with us. By simply visiting us, you are actually visiting a café, an internet café, an event studio, an online channel production area and even participate in studio production. And when we get popular and have network branches, we can even have a community network for our buddy. What says if we can cooperation with local or foreign TV Channels? I can’t imagine how popular are we going to be. And how big blow can we manage to give. We aren’t anymore just a shop with connection and drink or food. We are an online media production hub, which close to local community. A media which stick with community. 
Our competitor is as bellows -traditional/modern coffee shops -cyber cafes - Restaurants -studios -fast foods But, none of them are now apply the concept that Kick Net Studio Cafe (KetS Cafe) going to introduce to the world soon. We can even cooperate with those who can manage to provide good taste and famous food or drink. Yet really make us a hub for everything including nice drinks and famous foods.
Generally all foods and drinks will be charge by the margin Price = Cost + 30% Wireless connection = free Entry fee will be RM10 for adult and RM 6 for person with student card. as well as free for baby, and those with member card. Member card will be RM180/anually, renewal fee can be deducted by member points. Points can be accumulated by spending in cafe. Events/concert ticket will be varying. But still members will get discount or even free entry.
Kos Modal = RM10 000 Pinjaman = RM80 000 Fasa 1: (Setahun) Kos Pembinaan= +/- RM46 000 Kos Pemasaran= RM5 000 (Tahun Pertama) Suku Tahun Pertama: Pendapatan= RM40 000 (RM10 000 x 4) Perbelanjaan= RM32 000 (RM8 000 x 4) Untung Bersih= RM8 000 Suku Tahun Kedua: Pendapatan= RM60 000 (RM15 000 x 4) Perbelanjaan= RM32 000 (RM8 000 x 4) Untung Bersih= RM28 000 Suku Tahun Ketiga: Pendapatan= RM80 000 (RM20 000 x 4) Perbelanjaan= RM32 000 (RM8 000 x 4) Untung Bersih= RM48 000 Suku Tahun Keempat: Pendapatan= RM96 000 (RM24 000 x 4) Perbelanjaan= RM32 000 (RM8 000 x 4) Untung Bersih= RM64 000 Keuntungan Setahun= RM148 000 Pinjaman Selepas Faedah 5%= RM84 000 Untung Selepas Tolak Pinjaman, dan Modal = RM64 000 Cukai Kerajaan 5%= RM3200 Lain-lain=RM10 000 Keuntungan Bersih Setahun= RM50 800 *Kiraan diatas adalah seperti jangkaan sahaja. **Keuntungan bersih selepas setahun akan digunakan sebagai modal untuk luaskan bisnes and publicitis

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