Dec 6, 2008

Redemption from Bonus Link

I just requested redemption of an item from Bonus Link last Friday. It just took me 4 working days to wait.  Well done Bonus Link.

Anyway, its will be ideal if they willing to make our points’ life much longer than 36 months. And its will definitely delighting me as well as many others, if the gained point’s life can remind unexpired forever lol.

Still I would like to take this opportunity to congratulation Bonus Link for their fast action in responding to the redemption request. So, please remember to keep using your Bonus Link card whenever you got a purchasing from any Bonus Link participated outlets. 

It is always a good way to save your money, if you know the way to utilize various point rewarding programs that available out there. So, don’t be too lazy to hand your rewards card, whenever you are standing in front of a cashier. 

Every Points Count… 

And its all have the value.. 

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