Mar 18, 2006 - a few reminders

I.   Refund Policy

Just a reminder: Our refund policy clearly states that we have a 72 hour 100% secure refund policy. If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with our advertising services or your credit purchases, we will refund your purchase by end of the next business day IF you file your refund request within 72 hours of its purchase.

If you submit a refund request after those 72 hours, you have received and utilized your purchase. There is nothing to refund.

II.  Other Advertising

You may also purchase PTC ads, banner impressions, solo ads, and site of the week advertising. Solo ads will start with a standard disclaimer that SHOULD identify the content as paid advertising.

As always, we do not endorse and are not liable for the validity of paid advertising products. Please exercise your own due diligence prior to signing up for ANYTHING that you see advertised ANYWHERE.

Other advertising now contributes to your Total Purchases and is just as valuable a purchase (if not more) as purchasing an ad-pack of 30 credits.

III. Your Invitation

If you are a Pro Advertiser, you should have received your invitation to our Customer Appreciation program by now. If everyone would read their invitations, and read the site, this will answer all of your questions about the transition and the new business model.

IV.  Payouts

Payouts are still weekly for both eProfit Works and our customer appreciation program. They are still one week behind the time you are viewing ads.

Since we were closed last week, there was no advertising activity, there were no profits to share, no bonus clicks, no referral commissions, etc for week ending 3/10.

Payouts will resume next Saturday (3/25) for week ending 3/17. Please remember that dates and times are based on SERVER time, not your local time.

PLEASE make sure that your ASM registered EMAIL ADDRESS is saved in your eProfit Works profile to be paid (as is clearly stated on the Profile page). You must enter your password to save any changes to any content on that page.

V.   Support Tickets

There is a $2 fee for the submission of Support tickets that are already answered in the site. Please read and try to answer your own questions before submitting tickets.

As always, we hope YOU are making it a great week.

Colette and Dan
eProfit Works

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