Mar 3, 2006

AutoSurfing is Ponzi?

US Securities and Exchange Commission was announced the filing of securities fraud charges against theoperators of, yet shut down12dailypro and frozen all asset of 12dailypro. This is because with the 'Investment' exits in 12DP site, SEC claimed that 12DP was selling 'Unregistered Securities' to 'Unlicensed Public'. Investigation concludes that 95% of the 12DP payout are from its newer members upgrades,yet claimed its a massive ponzy.The 1.9 Millions transferring of fund from life click company account to admin personal account was defined as a scam action. Besides, US SEC involves and control all fund hold in Life Click company account and also admin personal account.

This is the bad dream for the whole AutoSurfing Industry. A program which pays its members on time have now became an illegal ponzi. Yet, people who were not sure about what is AutoSurfing and how AutoSurfing work will just keep assume that all AutoSurfing are Ponzi. Now, its really come to a time when everyone of us should do some work and research in AutoSurfing.

However, US Securities and Exchange Commission mentioned also AutoSurfing industry can be legitimately occur, as long as its not lead to become a ponzi.

*Logically earning = All surfers should get paid according to the work they done. More surf produce more rewards. Profit should be dertermine with work done in surf, but not the member level. Free members should get paid ,as long as they do thier surfing. Paid members should surf more, in order to produce higher profit.

*Logically Valid View = Click bar should be allocated within surf seasion. You can provides rewards bonus click or simply a turning test click within surf seasion. This is to make sure that all sufers are actually viewing the sites while doing their sufing. Perhaps manual click surf will be the best solution.

*Logically return = If a program come with too high % in return and the upgrade last shorter than month,then its will mostly become ponzi. The reason is simply because it is impossible for a program to gather high profit from advertisers in a very short time. Yet they will just turn all new upgrades fee into payment to old members directly.

*Logically size = If a program is becoming too big and there is less of advertising support, then its will soon turn into ponzi at the end. In order words,admins should always control the number of members according to the advertising ability.

*Loose definition of Securities = If there is a word 'Investment' exits in a program, then they should have registered securities and also all investors should have license in order to do their investments. A clear definition should be define on members payment in a program. You can pay for 'Advertising','products', or 'services' , but you cant pay for 'Investment' if without legal license awarded to buy legal securities.