Mar 27, 2006 - e profit sites

Auto-surf-money has been forced to temporarily close due to the restrictions placed upon it by other processors, such as Paypal and e-Gold. 

As a result, there is currently no way to receive or payout funds from eProfitWorks. We believe the the most fair and logical way to handle this situation is to do as follows:

eProfitWorks will be temporarily closed effective Monday, March 27

The operations staff will then begin reviewing the database to calculate refunds for all members to which they are due. 

A refund will be due if the amount you have spent from outside funds is greater than the amount you have cashed out. Purchases made from account earnings are not eligible for refund. Following this process, all accounts will be reset to zero so that we can restart with a clean slate. All members currently in free status will be deleted prior to this process to minimize the amount of data being worked with

Refunds will be issued via ASM company check. Please complete your member profile in ASM so a check can be mailed to you if you are due a refund.

If you have purchased upgrades via Stormpay previously, you will be receiving an email with the amount that is being held in escrow for you.

eProfitWorks and ASM will remain offline until all development work is complete. Once complete, an announcement will be sent to all members and the sites will reopen. At this time, we are unable to give you a timeframe, however, we are doing our best to minimize the downtime.

Please do not submit support tickets regarding this issue. 

Colette and Dan

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