Aug 18, 2012

4 Simple Tips for Stronger Password Creation

avast! antivirus suggested 4 simple tips for stronger passwords creation. The 4 simple tips require no specific script or technology knowledge. In other word, everyone could utilise the tips that had been suggested by avast! antivirus.

Tip 1: Begin and/or end each response with a number, capitalize a letter and use a special character. "Jones" would be "44Jone$!" 
Tip 2: Provide answers that do not correspond to the question. Use the name of a city as the response for "mother's maiden name." 
Tip 3: Answer using a complete sentence. “My mother’s maiden name is Jones.”
Tip 4: Add a random phrase. “My mother’s maiden name is Jones. Kittens are fluffy.”
Source: avast! antivirus