Aug 23, 2012

Environment conflicts with coal are raised in the Philippines

Greenpeace have banded together with the anti-coal communities within the country of the Philippines, to demand a safer and healthier environment, as well as to urge the country's government to reverse all coal projects immediately.

As a way to support the movement, you may join the Anti-Coal Manifesto by simply signup Here.
Coal has been greatly known as the most polluting of all fossil fuels, and also is the largest single source of the greenhouse gas around the globe. Besides releasing heavy doses of carbon dioxide, burning coal will also releasing toxic substances that will affect human health.

According to wikipedia, environmental impact of the coal industry includes the consideration of issues such as land usewaste management, and water and air pollution caused by the coal mining, processing and the use of its products. In addition to atmospheric pollution, coal burning produces hundreds of millions of tons of solid waste products annually, includingfly ashbottom ash, and flue-gas desulfurization sludge, that contain mercury,uraniumthoriumarsenic, and other heavy metals.
 "Greenpeace Philippines - National Anti Coal Summit" webpage displays a map created by Google map, which shown that the coal industry's pollutants have the possibility to "cover-up" the country of Philippines as a whole.

View Coal plants in the Philippines in a larger map

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