Nov 22, 2010

TM Streamyx was given RM55 Rebate

Finally I know the amount of TM Streamyx rebate is RM 55.00, which is equivalent to half-
monthly Streamyx Package Total. Frankly telling I am not so satisfied with this rebate amount, the reason is simply because of I was experienced a down time of Streamyx Connection for more than 3 weeks time. But this rebate is only equivalent to half-monthly Streamyx fee.  

Well, nothing much that I can do as for now, since that TM Streamyx is the only wired broadband service provider in Malaysia. If gov really want to change, yet they should either forcing TM to provide better services with lower fee.  The broadband fee in Malaysia is much higher than Singapore, South Korean and Taiwan. But the service provided by TM is far lack than can be considered as good. This is what we call as the disadvantages to consumers of ‘Monopoly businesses. Some of you might wish to suggest that, perhaps I can try to switch to Wimax or YES. Well, it is not suitable for me, as well as those who are playing online games regularly.

TM problems are nothing new, until their advertisement also featured with client’s complaining as the idea.  Just wondering what have been done by TM as well as the related GOV’s Agencies to promote much better online experiences. 

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