Oct 1, 2010

SKMM Another Great way to complaint TM Streamyx

I was not able to online with my streamyx since 9 September 2010 till now, and I have called to complaint by TM help line 100 nearly every day for the first week of services down.  A report had been made with them on 13 September 2010 and the very first time for technicians to visit my house was on 15 September 2010. They said it was because of port problem and changed a new port for my line, but still I am unable to online. The ADSL light were not on after the changed of the port for my line.

I called back to the TM service center and they said that the detailed new port details wasn’t given by the technician and caused them unable to reset my port. The poor communication with TM service center and their local technicians stopped my problem to being solved in time.

I am already fed up to complaint with TM service center. It makes me feel that I am the middle man between the service center and the technician. Every time when I call to complaint they will just ask me what was done by technicians, what says by technicians? Bla bla bla.. It is so funny like both of them were come from different entities.

I am not sure that does TM outsource their technician department or not. But there is one that that I am pretty sure is that the technicians are under trained and were lazy, as well as not motivated to perform their jobs well.

I still remember there was one time when the technicians come into my house and look at the modem and said: ‘adsl masih tak nyala lagi keh?’ I replied yes. Yet he told me that he wants to have dinner already and will be back after he finishes his dinner. But them it another long waiting again for days , until 3 times I called to complaint yet they just be back again. Also, there was a time when the technician tried to call his instructor for assistance in solving my problem. Yet, he said a very unique phase in his HP: “ malas lah nak pergi begitu jauh ambil benda tuu. X payah lah!” I was wondering what the ‘benda’ was referring here. But I am doubt that is it because of his laziness and made me have to wait again for weeks before I can be able to online.  

It is nearly 1 month now and I am decided to file a complaint with SKMM (Malaysian Communications and  Multimedia Commission) and wish that they can assist me to solve the problems.

If you wish to file a complaint with them, you may visit the complaint portal at :