Aug 7, 2009


Establised in 1997 and began operations in April 1998
Sole agent company of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)
Currently operates from 6 branches located nationwide : Shah Alam, Kuala Terengganu, Pulau Pinang, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Johor Bahru.
In 2004 MEPS obtained ISO 9001:2000


To provide e-payment system by FPX Financial Payment Exchange.
To unite the individual Banking's ATM dabatase and provide link within all banking and financial institutes in Malaysia.
To perform Interbank GIRO transfer services.
To provide e-debit services.
To provide and maintain Financial Payment Exchange System(FPX).


generally the technology in used by MEPS SDN BHD are Transaction Processing System(TPS) and Execution Support System (ESS)
The transaction process initiated by customers through various input method, including ATM request, Online Transaction request, card initiated request via paying counter. MEPS network will then collect the payments details, which include paying amonth, paying method e-wallet/ bank account details. MEPS networks will then request matching of account details from the related bank.
the bank will then send the result to show whether the account details is a valid or not back to MEPS network.
MEPS will then execute the transaction by MEPS ESS and the customers will be informed with thier transaction detail at the end

Networking Technology

MEPS network communicate with all the banking checkpoint as well as the central database with secured interchanged networking principal via the intranet and extranet.


a powerful database program specifically designed for data entry and analysis applications.
It enables us to produce various sales and stock reports for any given date range easily.
as for MEPS, the MEPS network database is being centralized and located in MEPS SDN. BHD. main campus.
Where else all the customers banking accounts details are located within the related individual bank's database.

People Involved In Information System

general public who using MEPS services as the customer, MEPS personals who involving in transaction processing and system development , banking and financial insittutes personals who involving in customers account details validation and transaction processing.

Business Process

Customer relationship marketing.
promote MEPS services via sooperation with all participated banks and financial insitutes.
cause effective
Integrated MEPS facility in cards such as IC, Touch n Go card, BAnk Card, organization card, and memberships card


Management decision making
helps the manager to analyze data and make decisions.
Identify the purpose of decision
Gather information
Identify the principles to judge the alternatives
Determine the best alternative

Management planning
devising both short-range and long range plans for the organization and setting goals to help achieve the plans
a low cost solution which fulfils the need of small to medium stores and large chain of stores as well.

Management coordination
Broad of coordinator ---> MEPS head office ---> brMEPS branches--> participated bank & financial insitute

Management Control
Manager uses a central administrative system to broker data gathering , processing and reporting from and to each MEPS branches.
MEPS branches process and report all the related information from MEPS main branche to all local participated bank and financial insittue.
all the participated bank and financial insitute will follow the hardware and software system and processing standard setted by MEPS and integrated their own banking database and network with MEPS network in order to provide MEPS services to it customers.

Value of the Information System

Tangible Benefits
save times
easy and effectively provide transaction within interbank linked network
feedback and error within the network can be identify, since every step of transaction will be recorded down by various parties
standardized the payments system within MALAYSIA via FPX.
protect all banking account ,since individual bank need only to allow access from MEPS network.
reduced paperwork administration with providing a network which link all banking together.
enables cooperation and unite Malaysia banking industries to become competitive in globalization era

Intangible Benefits
Improve customers satisfaction by providing timely and easier accessible services.
improve asset management as all bank share a single payment network.
improve efficiency as there is now a standard payment system which suit all banking industries in Malaysia after the establised of FPX.
increase quality of work life and general public can do e- transaction via ATM, phone banking, online banking, regardless where they are and when they want.