Aug 1, 2009

GUINNESS 250 Remarkable Years Celebration in Malaysia 馬來西亞 GUINNESS 250年豪情萬千耀全城慶典

Thank you GUINNESS for invited me to attain the GUINNESS 250 Remarkable Years Celebration , which will be held on Aug 18th, 2009 ( 7.00pm ) in Convention Hall Tanjung Puteri , Persada Johor International Convention Centre , Johor Bahru , Malaysia .

感謝GUINNESS之邀請出席GUINNESS 250年豪情萬千耀全城慶典活動。 此慶典將于 2009年8月18日晚上7點正﹐甲馬來西亞新山PERSADA柔佛州國際會展中心﹐丹絨太子會議庭舉行。

GUINNESS 250 週年慶
喜悅沸騰 ﹐ 歡聲喝彩

1759年 ﹐ ARTHUR GUINNESS 在愛爾蘭都柏林創釀了 GUINNESS 黑啤。
2009年 ﹐ 全球人舉杯歡慶 GUINNESS 250 年的輝煌經典。
在這意義非凡的時刻﹐ 我們要以萬丈豪情﹐與您把酒同歡。

[GUINNESS 豪情萬千耀全城] 週年慶晚宴



Raise your GUINNESS and toast with us !

In 1759, Arthur Guinness founded GUINNESS in Dublin , Ireland.
250 years on, GUINNESS is the world's favorite black beer.
Join us as we raise a GUINNESS and celebrate this momentous occasion.

This 250 Anniversary Dinner is part of our nationwide celebration
that begins in AUGUST 2009. Do join us and enjoy the complimentary
dinner, music and entertainment.