May 3, 2009

Money Is The Real Devil Script -section 1-

~Song 1
-Main Scene (Voice)- Mother Bontemps is lying on the bed. Look restless.Doctor Alex is inspecting Mother Bontemps.Feeling Mother Bontemps is hopeless.Honore acts in rushing on time.

=Sub Scene (Silent)- Sister Mariah doing bible reading .Praying,walking,doing anything she like in her church until the end of Scene 1-Main Scene
=Scene 1 -Sub Scene (Silent) continue with Scene 2 -Main Scene (Voice)

Narrator : Mother Bontemps is lying on the bed while doctor Alex is inspecting her. At the same time, Honore - the farmer is in rush to collect his wheat.

Honore : (impatience) So, how is my mum? How much time more do you want to hold me here doctor?

Doctor Alex: You have to stay beside your mother until she leaves this world peacefully.

Honore: (Raising voice and actions to show adding of impatience) But, Why? I got to collect my wheat before the rain. And also send them to the town for selling.

Doctor Alex: I say it again. You must not leave your mum alone before she leaves you! And that will be soon. I tell you.

Honore: No! It is impossible for me to lose all my wheat just like that. (Turns his head and looks toward mother Bontemps) Am I right mum?

Mother Bontemps: (Listless) My soon ...... (Caught) Just go and do..... (Breathing hard) do whatever you think you should do... (Breathing hard) you may leave me alone....

Doctor Alex: (Angry and standing up) No.... You can't leave your mum alone.....

[mother Bontemps holding doctor Alex's hand and shaking her head slowly to show her wish to let Honore's leaving]

Doctor Alex: (Looking at mother Bontemps with simpathy) Listen! Get your mum a person to help and be with her .before you leave her. She can't be alone anymore!

Honore: But who? (stops for 1 second , continues with rising voice) And where? My wheat is waiting for me!

Doctor Alex: I heard that Rapet's wife is doing this as subordinate job. SHe is living in the right corner of La Queens Road. Go and try your luck! (Turning his head and looks on mother Bontemps) And I got to leave now to visit another sick person in the village.

Honore : I am going to get Rapet's wife now! (turning his head and looks toward mother Bontemps) Mum I will be right back.

[Honore running out towards La Rapet's house]
[Mother Bontemps is uncomfortably lying on the bed]