Mar 2, 2009

What do you think is the best solution for Perak!

Re-election as a whole state!                             
Re-election for the particular 4 seats!           
Doing nothing!                                                     

This is a 2 weeks long poll which ended on 1 March 2009.  
There is with 70% of the total responder feel that Perak 
should conduct a whole state Re-election as the final way 
to resolve the current Perak political crisis.  
Another 30% of the responders feel that it is a must to 
conduct re-election for the particular 4 seats, as the way 
to select the representatives who can really represent 
residents over the 4 places. 
No vote for the ‘Doing Nothing!’ choice, as this may 
indicate overall the responders do not satisfy on the 
current development of Perak political Crisis.  
Personally, I think for the very least there should 
have re-election for the particular 4 seats. And 
this is the only way to show the respect to the 
related residents, as well as a good way to practice 
democratic within Malaysia