Feb 26, 2009

P&G ASEAN Business Challenge 2009

P&G ASEAN Business Challenge 2009

Students of all fields of study who are graduating in 2009 and 2010 are eligible.
This program will allow you to experience how working in P&G is like.

Participants will take on ‘real life’ business challenges in P&G. Winners of this challenge will be able to stand a chance to win a job with P&G even before they graduate.

Below is the brief programme outline:
Step 1: Students log into www.pgbusinesschallenge.com to apply.
Step 2: Selected students will be invited for the Reasoning Test session and screening interview at P&G office.
Step 3: Short-listed students will be invited to go for the P&G ASEAN Business Challenge which will take place in KL / Selangor this end of March of 2009.