Feb 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Kinki

    Kinki celebrate her ONE age birthday

Happy birthday to Kinki O…. You see me sick sick till blur blur head hing hing oso go celebrate with you… Got happy happy ma? Lol…. Sei May still playing Pong Pong Car.. Make me lagi hing hing -.-
Anyway, hopes you enjoy the night and like the gifts, as well as may your wish come true… That secret recipe cake not nice… next time we wont try this again.. Just bite few mouths yet feel very hai jor… No intension to finish all… But still whole cakes dunno go where lol…
Ops… May book her cake for next year ady o…. C 306 or C36? Not sure… lol
Again, we all celebrate till 8am… Yet Sister Mariah and MK let me aeroplane… Sleep sweet sweet but abandoned me alone…. Pity pity carried 3 begs walk walk back …. Ahhhh L