Jan 22, 2009

Tiger in 2009

There are favourable signs to be seen. Wealth and health luck is promising. All undertakings are going as anticipated. Those born in 1950 and 1974 have to deal with matters firmly and sincerely, so that noble help will reach you. There is also possible joyous news at home. Documents may contain deceiving plots out to cause you losses. Alcohol and lust during social networking will ruin you. Caution of muggers. Discern as to who are your real mentor and who are out to harm you. Multi facet investments are beneficial. Avoid speculative and risky activities. Take good care of your health and keep valuables out of sight.Auspicious stars shine high. Starting a business or expanding one, will be successful. Discern properly as to who are true to you at work. Exhibit your forte and be responsible to your duties. Also, leverage on eminent aid and you will eventually excel among others. Control your temper and give way to others readily. Do not be a guarantor in any ways.
Youth are easily acquainted with friends of the opposite gender, and subsequently fall deeply in love. This will affect the academic performance, so focus on your studies at hand, affection later. Couples are blissfully engage in their love affairs with hope of tying the knot soon. Those married should keep their hands in their pockets and steer clear of temptations.
Proper income luck flows in continuously. Career progression is smooth, with a fruitful harvest. There is also hope lottery luck, but do not have a moment of greed. Save more, spend less, do not lend to others. Keep your valuables out of sight. Avoid adhering to investment tips. They are not sound and will cause losses. Health Health luck is smooth and steady. A steadily path of career progression carries with it hectic networking nights. Take your mind off the workload and nights of incessant networking. Control your drinking and smoking too. Keep an eye on your liver health and blood pressure related problems. Do adequate exercises and avoid visiting patients

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