Nov 19, 2008

G.P.506 in MOB

G.P.506 had been granted with 18SG in Malaysia, which mean that it is necessarily for the cinema crew to check all viewers' age before letting them enter the auditorium. But frankly telling, we didn’t saw any cinema crew at all during the time we are entering the auditorium in MBO , Melaka.  This is also why my ticket still remains complete as what you can see below.

Anyway, the story is a bit boring. Not sure how much long time had been censored, but still the remaining is enough to make you feel ‘yucks’ . Its not scary at all, just too yucky, with everywhere filled with blood and smashed meats. At least for the very less, Sayang and me saw May was covered her eyes for few times. Although we dun really know what so scary about :S


XelaRate :  5.5 / 10