Nov 19, 2008

G.P 506 ( The Guard Post 506 ) 2008

XelaRate :  5.5 / 10

Also Known As : The Guard Post , GP506 , G.P.506 , Guad Post 506 , G.P.506 (2008) 
Year: Released in 2008
Directed: Su-chang Kong
Genre.: Horror , Art , Drama , Thriller
Runtime: 2 hours +-
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English , Chinese , Malay
Production Co: Mostise Film, Boko Pictures

Cast: Cho Hyun-jae, Young-hoon Lee

Synopsis / Plot / Review

The film mainly focuses on a massacre in somewhere in the vicinity of the DMZ, where soldiers and officers of GP 506 were located. They  fail to report back to their superiors, officials of the South Korean military began to get worried over the possibility of North Korean commandos since protocol requires ROK military guard posts to report after every half hour. A team of soldiers arrive at GP 506 to investigate the area before the military covers the whole incident up over the possibility of having a public relations mess as the base’s commander is the son of a high-ranking South Korean army officer......

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