Oct 15, 2009

Poll Survey : A H1N1 甲型H1N1

Q1 : Do you afraid on A H1N1? 你害怕甲型H1N1流感嗎?

42.86% NO. I will never be so unlucky 不怕。我不會中的啦
20.00% NO. Due to low death rate 不怕。因為死亡率底
15.71% YES. Its can lead to dead 怕。因為會死人
11.43% YES. Due to quarantine 怕。要被隔離
10.00% No comment 沒意見

Q2 : Do you take any step to prevent A H1N1? 你採取了什麼預防措施?

34.29% Wash hand, Not going to public area, Wear mask 洗手﹐減少到人多的地方﹐ 戴口罩﹐
25.71% Not at all. Just as usual. 沒有。照常生活
24.29% Wash hand, Not going to public area, Wear mask, Vaccination 洗手﹐減少到人多的地方﹐ 戴口罩﹐打預防針
10.00% Wash hand, Not going to public area 洗手﹐減少到人多的地方
05.71% Wash hand only 洗手

Q3 : When do you think that A H1N1 crisis will over? 你認為甲型H1N1什麼時候會消失?

47.14% 1 to 2 years 1到2年嘍
37.14% Not sure 不知道
11.43% It will stay forever 不會消失
04.29% Year end 年底吧

The above survey was began on JUN 6th, 2009 and ended on OCTOBER 14th,2009.