Apr 13, 2009

Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat 01/2009 人民儲蓄券 01/2009

*Malaysian citizens who are 21 years old and above

*The SSR 01/2009 is offered to the public from 14 April to 13 May 2009.

*The SSR 01/2009 application form will be made available to the public before the sales period at branches of the agent banks, and can be downloaded from www.treasury.gov.my and www.bnm.gov.my/sukuksimpanan.

*There will be two issuances of the SSR in 2009.

*The SSR 01/2009 will have a maturity of three years.

*The minimum amount of holding per SSR 01/2009 holder is RM1,000 per application and in multiples of RM100, e.g. RM1,100, RM1,200, etc. The maximum aggregate holding per SSR 2009 holder for the two series is RM50,000.
*The profit for the SSR 01/2009 is 5% per annum. This means the profit is approximately 1.25% (5% divided by 4) of the holding amount at the end of each quarter.

*Profit will be paid on a quarterly basis. The profit from the SSR 01/2009 will be credited directly into the SSR 01/2009 holder’s savings or current account maintained with the agent banks.
*Returns on the SSR 01/2009 are exempted from tax.
  • The SSR 01/2009 can be redeemed early at the nominal value and including the profit amount due before the maturity date but after the first profit payment. The profit payment will be apportioned based on the number of days the SSR 01/2009 is held. Minimum redemption amount allowed is RM100.
  • SSR 01/2009 holder may redeem the SSR 01/2009 in multiples of RM100.
  • 投資者能在投資期屆滿前贖回儲蓄券。為利息將以日為基礎來調整。贖回數額必須是100令吉或其倍數。
*An original or a certified copy of the Identity Card (I.C.) is needed for application.

*The SSR 01/2009 can be subscribed at all agent banks, i.e. commercial banks, including Islamic banks, Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad, Bank Simpanan Nasional and Bank Pertanian Malaysia Berhad.

For further information, please contact Bank Negara Malaysia TELELINK at 1300 88 5465 or visiting www.treasury.gov.my andwww.bnm.gov.my/sukuksimpanan.