Mar 1, 2009

My perfect supper - Easy to prepare 極度容易準備的夜宵

It is very easy to prepare. Just mix with boiled water will do. You do not have to cook at all.

Among 4 available favours, I prefer the Campbell’s Instant Soup Mushroom chicken with croutons the most. 

Followed by the Campbell’s Instant Soup Cream of Mushroom.

As for Campbell’s Instant Soup Cream of Chicken, I feel that the taste is not that nice, if compare with the above 2.

The last available favour is with Mushroom Soup with Oat. I never try this and do not have intension to try it out. This is simply because I do not eat Oat at

There is with promotion right now in Jaya Jusco. Each box (consists of 3 servings) is about RM3.60 - RM3.95. (S$1.50 - S$1.65)
現在有促銷在JAYA JUSCO。每合(3個小包份)只售RM3。60-RM3。95(S$1.50 - S$1.65)