Mar 14, 2009

Money Is The Real Devil : March 12th , 2009 Celebration Party PhotoS

Sir William, Honore, Sister Mariah, Mdm Sivarani, La Rapet, Lily, Doctor Alex, Mother Bontemps,

Lai, May, Teng, Mdm Sivarani, Kinki, Cindy, Me , Lam

            Mdm Sivarani and Me

Honore, Mother Bontemps, Doctor Alex, Sister Mariah,
Sir William, La Rapet, Lily, MK,

Sir William, Mother Bontemps, La Rapet, Doctor Alex, Sister Mariah, Lily, MK

    Mother Bontemps and Me

Fake Grave + La Queen Road sign + La Rapet

Cross + Sir William + Doctor Alex

Sir William aka the siao kin nah

                        Cross + Lily 

        Cross + Honore

Fake Grave + La Queen Road sign + Lily

La Rapet asking forgiveness from Sister Mariah

La Rapet Corrupting Sister Mariah

     Oh My good girl......................

Honore hates Sister Mariah so much

Sir William needs help in wearing cloth properly

Sir William carries Mother Bontemps