Feb 23, 2009

Digi Users: Did you activate your free RM10000 PA?

Digi provides free Personal Accident insurance worth RM10000 since Sept 11, 2008. But still there are many Digi users didn’t notice about this offer. So are you one of them?

What you have to do is just simply type INS YES and SMS to 2000 or Call 016 221 1800

You are eligible if:
  • You have a DiGi Postpaid or Prepaid line registered in your name.
  • If you are holding multiple principal lines, the lines with longest tenure will be entitled for Free PA.
  • You will be eligible for DiGi's Free PA from the 18th of the same month if you joined DiGi 
  • between the 1st to the 15th. You will be eligible on the 3rd of the following month if you joined
    DiGi after the 15th.
  • You have not accepted DiGi's Free PA insurance offer for more than 3 policies (max up to 3 policies per subscriber).
  • Your registration must be under Individual, Permanent resident, foreigner or DiGI Ambassador.
  • Your line MUST be active and not suspended.
  • Your customer registration information, i.e. Name and NRIC, must be valid & similar as your DiGi registration information.

數碼網絡自從2008911日開始提供總10000令吉的個人意外保險。 但是至今還是有很多用戶不曉得這優惠。您是不是其一呢?

方法很簡單﹐只需鍵入INS YESSMS2000或撥電至016 221 1800