Jan 22, 2009

Pig in 2009

Even with the many evil stars present, there still lies rays of luck visible. Lucky stars able to lend you a hand. Thus, pig is advised to make good relations with others. Students have good academic performance. Career adults face impediments at work. Thorough and comprehensive plans should be prepared in anticipation for this challenging Ox year. Do not invest too much this year. Never make any hasty moves or decisions. You are burdened by the hectic work schedules, so take adequate rest. Spend wisely and have tolerance with your spouse. Chronic ailments may sprout again, take heed. Avoid attending wakes.Career and work luck is considered alright aside from frequent obstacles in the path. Just stride with pace and avoid attempts of huge investments. Be more conservative in your expenses and plans for this year. Keep to the side of the law; do not do anything unlawful. This is also not a good year to change jobs. Love You felt exhausted and down, especially with regards to your relationship with your love ones and family members. There are constant conflicts and frustrations. Do your best to untie the knot of worries and problems. Being more tolerant, forgiving and understanding will be helpful. Then you will all be blissful. Wealth Wealth star is dim, so there may be serious loss of wealth. Watch closely on your expenses. Save early for the raining days to come. You are not to place any high hopes for any form of gambling this year, and keep to the side of the law. Speculative investments are not worst. Regular income luck is still stable. Health Mindless chores burden you, coupled with increase workload, you are almost burnout. Take more time off and open up to others. Take note of personal safety when outdoor. Drive with care and focus. Take note of rheumatoid, digestive system problem and that of the common cold. Exercise more to prevent getting ill.
Source:Geomancy Hut

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