Nov 29, 2008

GUINNESS Royalty Rewards

Again, I received another Royalty Rewards from GUINNESS by post mail.... 

3 Coupons (worth around RM50/=) and a colourfully story comic book.

And, here is some tips that’s I had learned about GUINNESS..

Do not always just pair your GUINNESS with peanuts and chicken wings only.

Try all the combinations below and you might be surprised.


  • Guinness Foreign Extra Stout with Peking Duck

Its will help on to lose some of the oily taste during the time you are eating Peking Duck. But, never mixed them together ,else your Peking Duck will not be crispy anymore.


  • Guinness Foreign Extra Stout with Chilli Crab

Personally I am not sure about how good will this combination taste.. The reason is simply because I am not prepared well to taste any spicy food lol..


  • Guinness Foreign Extra Stout with Braised Pork and Fatt Choy

Definitely 1 of my favourite, and personally I feel even better if without Fatt Choy lol..


  • Guinness Draught with fried Calamari and Potato Wedges

Simply an idea to accompany your tv shows for anyone anytime and night.


  • Guinness Draught with ikan bilis goring kacang

Erm.. mum lazy to fried ikan bilis for me L


  • Guinness Draught with Oysters

Never try this till now. Normally just pair oysters with white wine.. Perhaps it’s a hidden treasure taste for me.. Anyway I will try it soon.